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Multi-camera editing, color correction & grade for product launch, interview & concert event

MAK Digital Media provided creative post production support including multi-camera editing and color correction/ grade services during September & October 2021 for a corporate product launch.

While I cannot name the project, company or the product, I can say that it did involve editing together a large number of multi-camera presentation segments. One of the biggest highlights of the project for me was editing a poignant interview with a well known theatrical performer. Besides the editing, I created some stylized graphic frame elements, plus took on the role of colorist, which included most of the project presentations, the interview segment and performer's concert event.

All video was shot 4K, at 23.98 frames per second, on multiple Canon C300 Mark III Cinema cameras shooting in Canon’s cLog format— which enabled a greater range of color detail and data to be recorded. Together, this ultimately translated into gorgeous video imagery in post.

I handled all of the editing in Adobe Premiere, with color correction, camera matching and grading performed using Premiere’s Lumetri color toolset, with some initial work involving camera LUT creation in Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve.

With all the footage shot in 4K, and with multiple camera angles, the project consisted of a huge amount of media that needed to be stored and quickly accessed. Even though I use a fairly robust Macintosh system with a RAID and Thunderbolt 3 & eSATA options for editing, in this case, I still needed to employ a lower resolution proxy workflow. This was required to playback media smoothly when editing with multiple cameras simultaneously. Despite the initial time it took to create proxy files, that process helped speed up the editing later. It was also a task that could be taken care of as an automated batch process overnight, so I was always ready to continue editing the next day.

I really enjoyed working with this new team. For what started out as a dual location interview editing job— once they began working with me, their trust in my expertise and my involvement in the project grew to much, much more. I’m also grateful to the colleague that referred me as well.


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