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Avid editing for “Pool Kings” on DIY Network

In September 2021, I got a chance to edit portions of a few future episodes of “Pool Kings,” (Season 11) popular on Discovery’s DIY Network. It was a fun & challenging project to work on, thanks to a referral by a longtime fellow editing colleague.

In this case, instead of ingesting media and editing on my own system, I worked remotely via an Avid Media Composer suite located in the Northeast, at the studios of the post house putting together the shows. I was controlling a full PC-based Avid suite at another location, in a different state via my internet connection— much like a remote desktop scenario. Aside from a few sync / delay challenges initially when editing music tracks remotely, my only confounding challenge in terms of the hardware was trying to remember to use the "Control" key for the PC Avid instead of my usual "Command" key on the Mac!

Avid Media Composer has been a stable work horse for so many successful film and televisions productions for many years (I have been editing on Avid systems since 1996), and now, finally editing remotely across the internet in this scenario, worked much better that I ever thought.

In the case of “Pool Kings,” it was exciting to work alongside a great team of videographers, editors and producers helping cut together these shows. From what I could see from my brief time coming in towards the end of the project, it was truly a highly organized creative team effort. Kudos to the team that puts these entertaining and informative shows together from start to finish each season.

While I hope to have an opportunity to edit for them again on future seasons, for now, a bonus is that I know a lot more about pool construction than I ever thought was possible!


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