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Video post-production services for television broadcast, web, corporate and live event clients.

  • Live broadcast television edited content

  • Social Media Ads for Facebook & Instagram

  • Commercial product sales & marketing videos

  • Commercials & promos (for broadcast on television and the web)

  • Episodic television series & specials, including reality TV

  • Product Infomercials

  • Direct response & call-to-action advertisements

  • Television documentaries& Short Films

  • Corporate event videos (i.e. event openers, on-site highlights/candids videos, interviews & testimonials, customer stories, sales meetings, product launches, multi-day event content)​

  • Corporate sales, marketing and training videos

  • Family history and tribute videos

  • ​Edited content for live web streamed events, ZOOM meetings & teleconferencing

  • ​Edited content for multi-screen, wide format
    & dome presentations​

  • Motion graphics explainer videos

  • Music and concert videos

  • Video podcast intros

  • Digital signage content

  • Interactive kiosk videos

  • Trade show booth demos

  • Product demos & promotional videos​

  • Demo & sizzle reels, and video portfolios



Editing is so much more than just stringing together pretty pictures!  It’s knowing where, when and why to cut— also what to leave in and leave out— in order to best convey your story.  It’s about rhythm and pacing, feeling and flow, and fixing problems when necessary.  It’s staying well-organized so you can find every shot quickly and easily, like that perfect interview soundbite that will speak volumes for your message.   And it’s about weaving together a cohesive story; ultimately bringing together all of the elements into a finished, polished piece, usually on a deadline.

Graphic Design & Motion Graphics

The addition of still or motion graphics elements can greatly enhance the look and quality of your project, as well as to promote more visually appealing and effective communication of concepts and ideas.  We offer custom 2D still and motion graphics, design & animation, 3D camera effects and elements. Our tools include Adobe's Creative Cloud suite of professional applications (After Effects, Photoshop, & Illustrator), as well as other top tools and visual elements that will help make your projects really shine!

We can handle most project-related audio editing, mixing, SFX sweetening, voice-over sessions, music library selections, and prep for external audio post. For bigger, more complex jobs, please allow us refer you to one of our top audio colleagues in the area.

Digital Compositing

We offer quality digital compositing services including blue & green screen keying, rotoscoping, shot cleanup, rig removals, screen replacements, motion tracking and custom effects.  We can also do tracked logo blurring and removals, as well as basic 2D matte paintings.

Color Correction & Grading

Color correction helps make every shot in your project look its absolute best.  We can also color correct shots to match different cameras in a scene, shot to shot.  And we can grade shots to convey a certain location, time period, mood or style, for greater consistency overall.  

Got a cool effect you want to make or imitate? We also specialize in multi-layered effects, montages, transitional effects, and custom effects creation. We have a wide range of elements & tools including particle effects, lens flares, film damage and other optical effects. 

Wanting to do some spring cleaning? We can transfer your older consumer and professional video tapes to the digital file format of your choice.  Current supported formats include: MiniDV, VHS, BetaSP, BetaSX, and Digital Betacam.

With over 30 years experience in broadcast, commercial production & corporate communications environments, we are able to professionally manage your project and clients throughout the post process to final delivery.  We can also provide training for your staff as well as offer guidance on how to improve your existing workflows.

Post-Production Supervision & Consulting

High quality video file encoding and transcoding services for use with DVD/Blu-Ray, final masters, inside other editing applications or for broadcast or on the web. We also have resources that offer live web streaming for your local or distant corporate conference or event.

Online Client Review

Secure online access to client projects for review and download purposes. Our clients can make notes and approve versions from the convenience of a web browser or directly from within Adobe Premiere.  

Additional Services

Multi-camera editing

Multi-screen, dome and wide aspect project experience

Project producing & content creation

Technical troubleshooting

Training (on-site & remote)

Digital photography image cleanup

Portable Mac laptop systems available for on-site editing & events 



Tape-to-Digital Transfers

Video & Audio Encoding

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