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Joan Finn Adkison, Producer/Writer/Director

Pony Productions, Inc.

"Mike Konstan is a truly excellent editor who is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is friendly and fun, but is also completely focused on making every project perfect. His technical knowledge is so impressive, and he takes any idea you bring him and brings it to the screen better than you imagined. The guy is so dedicated that after working all day, he has even worked on a graphic idea at home, because he is so committed to making the project perfect.  I wholeheartedly recommend Mike." 

"Mike Konstan is a “producer’s editor.”  His organization of media and attention to detail ensures an efficient, successful edit right from the start.  Mike is diverse and current, staying updated on our systems, platforms and software to enhance our client deliverables.  He can see a project through to completion across multiple software applications and any form of media deliverable.  Mike is always positive, offers options and is an editor we can put in front of our client without hesitation."

Kari Hyatt, Executive Producer

TEK Productions, LLC

Kent Vanderberg, Video Editor/ Producer

Big Sky Productions, Inc.

"Put simply, Mike really knows what he’s doing as an editor. He can take an idea and bring it to life with flair and without constant supervision. His knowledge of the tools and his creativity never failed to deliver great results no matter what the assignment. Mike worked many projects for me, sometimes under great stress, and always met or exceeded expectations. Good guy."

"Mike’s a creative editor with both a terrific attitude and a thorough knowledge of the equipment and the processes of non-linear editing, either AVID or Final Cut Pro. We can give Mike a room, an assignment, and a client and know that that client will leave happy and be back for more."

Bradford Fuller, President & Creative Director

Florida Film & Tape

Jonel Stahr

Executive Producer/ Project Manager

"Mike approached our project with an open mind and a great attitude. He worked tirelessly to give us what we wanted, in spite of long hours and difficult schedule. He listens and responds but also adds his own expertise where appropriate. Great guy to work with!"

Leo Procopio, COO


"If you are considering Mike Konstan, stop considering and pick up the phone and call him! He is incredibly creative, technically savvy, easy to work with, and will help make your production a success. Just don’t book him when I need him!"

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