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"Our mission is to create and contribute to memorable stories that motivate, entertain, educate, inspire and resonate with an audience." - M. Konstan


A passion for storytelling, design and the opportunity to provide our customers with top-notch video & audio editing, motion graphics, digital compositing, and post-production support services is at the very core of what we do.  


From crafting timeless stories that motivate, entertain, educate, inspire, and resonate with an audience; communicating your company’s vital brand messages; designing multi-screen spectacles that unfold before a live audience; to seamlessly blending images that create new worlds for television and film…  for the past 20-plus years we have had the fortunate opportunity to collaborate with many talented colleagues and clients on a multitude of successful projects. 


As a trusted collaborator, MAK Digital Media has provided creative services for some of the most recognized brands in the world.  The likes of ABC-TV, Barrett-Jackson, Disney, Ernst & Young, Siemens, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, The Hershey Company, and Golf Channel, just to name a few.  We travel on-site when needed as well, for events across the US, and in European locations, including Spain and Monaco.   


Our goal is to do whatever it takes to help our clients' projects succeed.  Whether it’s going the extra mile to craft a polished work that conveys a client’s creative vision or message; solving technical problems in the midst of a tight deadline, finding the right team for a client's next on-site project, working weekends to finish last minute revisions… or fulfilling a myriad of other client project needs.  We strive to always deliver a quality product & service, excellent value, and to exceed client expectations.    


Thank you for visiting today.  I’m excited about the opportunity to help bring your creative vision to life.  Let's work together and make your next project spectacular!


Owner/Senior Editor

MAK Digital Media, Inc.


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