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TIP 006: Adobe Premiere Generic Error Relinking fix in Adobe Premiere

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Method for fixing an issue with files that have become unlinked in Adobe Premiere and show a "generic error" when attempting to reimport.

I was running Mac OS Sierra when I did the demo. This problem seems to have come up before, so not just with the new 2019 version of Premiere.

** The previous renamed versions of the "Media Cache" and "Media Cache Files" folders that I show in the example can later be removed from your system. These are the one's with my _xxxx addition.

Be sure you are accessing this correct Library folder for the default Media Cache location: /Users/yourUserName/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/

There are multiple Library folders on your Mac. The one you need to locate is the Library folder associated with your primary user account (your Home folder, the one with your username, located in the Users folder of your startup drive). This file is typically hidden, so here's how to find it.

You can access the correct user Library folder by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to the Finder level on your Mac.

  2. Select the "Go" pulldown menu.

  3. With this "Go" menu selected, hold down the OPTION key and your hidden Users Library will appear in the list.

  4. Select and open this Library folder.

From there you will be able to navigate to the correct place to find your Media Cache and Media Cache Files folders, as described in my video.

.../Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/

The key is that you use the OPTION key to reveal the hidden User Library folder in the Finder. That is the one you need to use to locate the correct files.

© 2019 - Mike Konstan - MAK Digital Media, Inc.

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