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TIP 009: Duplicating Custom Nested Builds in Adobe Premiere

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Advanced workflow for easy, organized method of duplicating and customizing sequences in Adobe Premiere, which contain multiple nested layers, text, video and adjustment layers.

Here are the steps in case you'd like to follow along, or skip ahead:

1. If you don't already have all the layers of your build available, first drag your custom built sequence from the timeline to a new project to create its associated nested text, adjustment layers, and sequences. This will be the start of your “template.”

2. Rename each new sequence within this new template folder so that they each have an identical number string at the end… i.e. _0001. This will keep things organized as you make new versions of the template.

3. Make sure the top left icon in the timeline panel (the one with tooltip “Insert and overwrite sequences as nests…”) is selected— highlighted in blue.

4. Add first version of your master template sequence to your current project timeline.

5. Next, in Premiere's Project panel, click on each sequence, one at a time, and replace each nested sequence with its corresponding new updated number version directly in the timeline. ** IT'S IMPORTANT TO DO THIS IN ORDER -- Always start with the master timeline (top-most layer) first and work your way down into the build from there (my video shows how).

6. Use the same technique for all the sequences in the template stack. ** ONLY DO THE SEQUENCES— leave any text layers or adjustment layers as is. *** At this stage, resist the urge to click directly into the nests in the timeline to make the updates!

7. When you get to any nested video clips, mark an in-to-out and then OVERWRITE these with your new video clips or photos as needed. Do not use Replace function.

8. When you're finished updated the sequences of that new template version, then add this new template master sequence to your project timeline and see the results.

9. At this point, it is now okay to step in to each nested layer in the timeline , to get to your text layers so you can update them.

10. To make another new template set, duplicate the last version in your Project panel, then repeat steps 2 - 10 for as many new versions you will need.


This is a great technique for duplicating and customizing more complex custom builds, such as animated show opens, segment graphics, and lower third graphics containing photos and/or videos, text and effects.

© 2020 - Mike Konstan - MAK Digital Media, Inc.

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