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Tip 011: How to Switch Between Timecode and Frames Views in Adobe Premiere Timelines

This tip shows how to switch between timecode and frames views while working in timeline sequences in Adobe Premiere. It also shows the visual distinction between drop and non-drop frame timecode, as well as how to alter the timebase in a sequence, which also affects the time values you are able to view. And lastly, I mention a warning related to occasional oddball time code values that sometimes occur when using screen capture software.

If you'd like to jump right to each section, here they are:

00:30 from start - the timecode versus frame viewing solution, and how to identify the visual difference between drop and non-drop frame time code in Premiere. Also where to find audio time display units.

02:15 from start - the discussion about changing the timebase for a sequence.

03:53 from start - the potential gotcha regarding screen captured video and how to get around this.

Hope this helps you; thanks for watching!

© 2020 - Mike Konstan - MAK Digital Media, Inc.

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