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Future Media Concepts Scores Again With Their 1st Keyframes Conference in Orlando

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Through the years I have attended a lot of industry conferences and training events, and many of those were organized by one particular digital media training company— Future Media Concepts. And just this week (February 25-27, 2019), I wrapped up an information-packed three-day training seminar called the "Keyframes" conference here in Orlando. This week’s conference was the first of it’s kind, and judging from the attendance and FMC’s spectacular lineup of speakers, I can bet there will be a Keyframes 2 in the near future.

This week's Keyframes Conference was geared mainly towards professionals working in motion graphics and visual effects, with in-depth sessions mainly related to Adobe After Effects, Maxon's Cinema 4D and Cinema 4D Lite. But they also offered non-technical sessions on the business of motion graphics, enhancing one’s career, and the power of collaboration; as well as many opportunities to get to know fellow attendees through networking breaks, lunches, and activities such as a trip to Universal Studios.

In case you've never heard of FMC, they are based in New York City and have been putting on training sessions for professionals in the television, video, and 2D & 3D graphics industries since about 1994. If you're a professional working in the business who wants to learn more from some of the best in the business, plus have an opportunity to meet other colleagues in the field, I highly recommend the team at FMC. Even if you’re fresh out of school or changing careers, this is a great opportunity for face-to-face pro training with candid, real-world discussions and examples. FMC’s instructors, guest speakers and support team members are top-notch and they consistently have provided me with memorable educational experiences as well as many opportunities to meet and network with fellow professionals.

As a testament to how valuable these experiences have been to me, I recall one FMC event back in 2012 where one of the contacts I made was instrumental in getting me subsequent edit gigs for a certain national cable network. Just from that one contact I was able to earn more than 5 times as much as what I paid to attend FMC’s multi-day Editor’s Retreat. That was a big win and a spectacular return on my training investment!

Like I mentioned before, I have been to a LOT of FMC's events – whether it's been a specific software training class at their facility here in Orlando, or a nearly week-long event such as their Post Production World Conference they do every year in Las Vegas for the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention. Or The Editor’s Retreat. Or Adobe After Effects World. And just this past week… the BlackMagic Design Television and Video Expo event featuring in-depth training on the DaVinci Resolve color correction & grading suite.

FMC partners with sponsor companies who create the professional software tools that we use every day. And with trainers and keynote speakers who are as experienced in their individual crafts as they are with the software.

Every one of these events has paid dividends— either through new experiences, advanced training, meeting other artists, or even sometimes establishing new on-going working relationships… this is why I keep coming back time and time again. Thank you so much FMC for continuing to provide such a valuable resource to our production community!

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