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TIP 012: Macintosh Keyboard Troubleshooting and Fixes

Here are some suggestions for what you can do if your Mac computer keyboard suddenly stops working properly in the middle of a project. Some of these can apply to a PC user as well.

00:00 - Intro and basic keyboard troubleshooting.

00:51 - My purchase of a full-sized replacement keyboard.

02:03 - Workaround for typing while waiting for new keyboard to arrive.

03:00 - Don't forget to remove any USB accessories from the old keyboard.

03:18 - Wrap up.

The replacement keyboard I purchased was from the Canadian company, Matias.

Mine was the full-sized wired backlit space-grey Mac keyboard.

** One thing I did find when I first got the keyboard was that it would occasionally repeat characters, depending on which application I was typing in. I got in touch with the company and they responded immediately with a solution. So customer service with Matias is great, in my opinion!

Here's their suggested fix in case you run into the same issue:

On your Mac - in "System Preferences", click on the "Keyboard Icon"

and then adjust the "Key Repeat" to Slow or Off - you may also want to

adjust the "Delay Until Repeat" to Long.

That fix did the trick for me and now I LOVE my new Matias keyboard!

Thanks for watching!

© 2020 - Mike Konstan - MAK Digital Media, Inc.

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