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Hey, the big tree is finally gone, and replaced with a brand new web site.  By the way, the big tree was supposed to be representative of a firm foundation, reliability, having weathered storms, etc. etc.  

I've had a bunch of different web sites though-out the past (and even helped some colleagues build theirs), and hopefully this one will help my existing clients and new prospects alike.  I've added a calendar that shows you my current availability, updated in real time.  Plus there's a new client log-in area that will take you to a site where you can review projects plus leave notes and comments.  This news area will keep you in-the-know regarding recent projects and new additions.  And there are a few general demos here on the site plus more samples available via my Vimeo page.  You just need to have the correct password in order to access those files.

Thanks again for checking out the new site!



Thanks to a long-time client, in October of this past year I was fortunate to edit highlights for their multi-day event on-site in Barcelona, Spain!  It was a great experience, with a wonderful team, plus I got to practice more of my Spanish, too.  The finished video played back at the end of the event and was well received.  I even got kudos from one of the top guys running the show!  Now, while I admit, with the work schedule and certain political events occurring at the time, I wasn't able to do much in the way of sight-seeing.  However, I did get to visit some distant family relatives in Lviv, Ukraine during that same trip.  Wow, it was an exciting trip.  And have you ever tasted homemade Borscht?  It's absolutely delicious!


May and June of 2017 were busy months-- lots of green screen and effects compositing via Adobe After Effects for another established client.  It was challenging but a lot of fun, too!  And then we got to wrap that project with an edit on-site for the same client's big national sales meeting in Las Vegas.  I won't mention the company's name, but it was a well-known chocolate manufacturer.  The only down-side to being in Vegas on that trip was that I was also dealing with a recently pulled wisdom tooth!  Ouch!  The edit on-site had lots of long hours, but the end product turned out great and the clients were very happy! 

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